Monday, 29 April 2013

Weather Forecast (4th Grade)

Hello again!!!

Look what we have done in class! Weather forecasts! They did it very good!

Check the results!

Group 1 - Jordina Vidal and Aina Muro

Group 2 - Laura Linares and Laura Miró

Group 3 - Júlia Isern and Clàudia Sande

Group 4 - Albert Pérez and Oriol Candelo

Group 5 - Joan Caballero and Aina Anselmo

Group 6 - Hafssa Laaraj, Pau Begara and Aina Soler

Group 7 - Àlex Arèvalo and Sergi Torres

Group 8 - Mariona Jiménez and Mariona Vidal

Group 9 - Èric Begara and Joan Fajula

Group 10 - Marc Roca and Marc Piquer

Group 11 - Lorena Garcia and Safae El Bahjoui

Group 12 - Pol Moreno and David Cano

1 comment:

  1. Hello Edgar
    This video is fantastic.
    Thank you!!!!

    Aina Anselmo